Study Notes


  • NLM: National Library of Medicine
  • NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • NIH: National Institutes of Health


  • Disease:
    • abnormality of the human body or mind
    • causing discomfort, distress, dysfunction, death
    • narrower sense - caused by external source (pathogen)


  • basic heritable unit
  • mapped to a section of chromosomal DNA, including promoter, intronal and exonal regions.

Entrez Gene

  • GeneRIF: Gene Reference Into Function
  • [Feb 22 2007] Statistics
    • Total Genes: 2510968
    • Human Genes: 38625


  • Gateway to [MEDLINE] (> 15 million citations, 5000 articles)
  • also indexes some other articles (pre-1966 OLDMEDLINE, all articles including out-of-scope for some big journals, in process, pre-MEDLINE indexed journal articles from publishers, PubMedCentral articles in journals not yet indexed by MEDLINE but reviewed by NLM, some out-of-scope from old trial projects) PubMed Fact Sheet
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