Pubmed Author Analysis

Author Information in PubMed

  • authors are listed in order as per article (au field)
  • Last (or last few) authors are likely the primary investigators
  • limits (et al.) were used for articles during a period in the past
  • author names may be split into collaborators (group/corporate authorship)
  • AD field (affiliation) may store e-mail address


  • store "author position" in addition to linking to PMID
    • some sort of "relative author position"/relative to front/relative to end?
  • wish to account for variations of the author name (map to the same person)
  • "normalise" the name somehow
    • count word occurrence/p-value
  • XML specifics
    • Article/AuthorList/Author
      • LastName, ForeName, Initials, Suffix (optional)
  • Journal
    • Article/Journal
      • Title, ISOAbbreviation
      • JournalIssue
        • PubDate, Volume, Issue

Related Author Extraction

  • Genes with >= 3 papers in the last 5 years (>= 2003)
  • For these genes:
    • Get a list of authors on the papers
      • Sort list by number of recent papers
      • PMID, title, affiliation, year for recent papers

Sample Results

TF author results

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