Notes On Committee Meetings And Qualifying Exam


A bioinformatics thesis is:

  1. computational analysis of biological sequences or other associated biological data, to investigate a biological question
  2. derivation of new algorithmic approaches to analyze biological data

Initial Meeting with Established Thesis Supervisor & Committee:

The first Thesis Supervisory Committee meeting will be held to approve the thesis
proposal, following the decision regarding the student’s academic path

Committee Meetings:

  • prepare a brief progress report that outlines the project and their progress since the last meeting, and that includes relevant data.
  • required to submit an updated CV
  • report and CV should be distributed to committee members at least two working days in advance.
  • Students are expected to present a brief (20 min) talk that emphasizes experimental design, interpretation of the data and planned experiments.
  • Committee members may suggest alternative approaches, prioritize experiments, set deadlines, or recommend changing direction.
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