MBB 821


  • Dr. Dipankar Sen


  • Overview of techniques (digestion assays, mutation, luciferase constructs, SELEX) and role of nucleic acid structure in regulating transcription, non-standard base pairing/helices, nucleic acids as enzymes


  • model of DNA replication involving molecular shape complementarity
    • moran97.pdf - Moran S, Ren RX, Kool ET. A thymidine triphosphate shape analog lacking Watson-Crick pairing ability is replicated with high sequence selectivity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Sep 30;94(20):10506-11.
    • mbb821-slides1.pdf - Presentation (Sept 20, 2005)
    • mbb821-slides1-handout.pdf - Handout
  • detecting groove-binding vs. intercalating DNA binding agents.


  • Hypothetical Research Proposal - in silico stochastic RNA folding via simulation of folding pathways
  • fold-paper.pdf - RNA in silico Stochastic Kinetic Folding

SFU Course Description

  • is now (2006) listed as MBB 721

Course title: MBB 821-3 Nucleic Acids
Section: G01.00
Semester: 2005-3
Instructor: Dr. D. Sen
Description/topics: Recent literature is examined for insights into the structure and properties of DNA and RNA, drawing on a variety of biochemical, chemical and molecular biological perspectives.
3 lecture hours/week; 1 tutorial hour/week; 0 lab hours
Lecture Topics:
1. Sugars, bases, and nucleotides
2. DNA structure
3. Chromatin
4. Recombination structures.
5. RNA structure
6. RNA - ligand (proteins and drugs) interactions
7. DNA - ligand (proteins and drugs) interactions
8. Catalytic RNA
9. RNA and the origin of life
Grading: 2 Exams: 30% each
1 Term Paper: 30%
Class Presentations: 10%
Required texts: None.
Recommended texts: G.M. Blackburn and M.J. Gait, Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology 2nd Edition, IRL Press. ISBN 0-19-963533-1, paperback.
Materials/supplies: None.
Prerequisite/corequisite: Prerequisite: BISC 331
Notes: None.

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